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So this gorgeous lady actually lives in Singapore, She often travels for business and she needs her wardrobe to work hard for her and to be super adaptable as she frequently travels between her home in Singapore to Australia, US, Europe, Asia. She is a busy Mum on top of this to two equally gorgeous children as well as a wonderful Wife.
I was absolutely delighted when I was asked to meet this gorgeous client for a Personal Shopping trip in Paris – it’s not every day I get this opportunity so of course I said YES! The thing was I have to fess up I do know this client rather well and we have become firm friends over the years. So this was all expenses paid trip for me with the opportunity to shop in Paris and undertake lots of research for my job – what a treat.
The client was also working during the trip so my job was to travel out to meet her from London; scout for shoes and clothes during the day over the 3 days total we had about 2 half days to cram everything in. The most important thing was to source new boots and shoes as shopping for shoes in Asia is a problem. Anything else we got was a bonus.
We did find her boots in fact she got 4 pairs but would you believe it they were found at a store within St Pancras Station on the return journey. So after an exhausting few days and not to be beaten, I did something I would NEVER do. I forced ‘the client’ into a one last shop and that was the shop where the perfect boots were found!

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