Loft Job Surrey

This loft Declutter was super challenging.

The clients 2 children had left for University, the loft contained over 20 years of 4 peoples accumulated belongings. In addition were the clients Parents and Grandparents old paperwork, some 6 suitcases full of this – coupled with inherited treasured items including beautiful photographs.
This active family also used the loft as a storage space for numerous bin bags full of skiwear, fishing paraphernalia. LOADS and I mean LOADS of fancy dress, probably every pair of shoes ever bought for the children 0 to 13 years!…..bags and bags of children’s clothes all pre 10 years. Plus all of the families collective study aids (before the age of computers so we are talking at least a pallets worth of books stacked chest high!) AND…. most of the children’s school and college projects not forgetting masses of Christmas decorations – it was fair to say this loft was rammed full.

The clients, both business professionals with extremely busy schedules and were only available for parts of each day. This was a 2 person job and the clients 22 year old son joined me in the epic removal of the whole loft which took most of the first day! Once the loft was emptied it was cleaned, the contents sorted, and repacked into sturdy see through boxes. Some of historical paperwork was left for the client and her sister to go through at a later date, the sheer volume of this made it impossible to sort through in the time allowed. What was achieved was everything was now organised, boxed and clearly labelled. This made it much easier to navigate – see the review and the historical tale which was discovered.

Client Requirements




I asked Karen to help as she is organised , creative and great at understanding and interacting with people. Karen provided a structure and plan including recommendations for local skips and electrician and suggestions for keeping memories whilst letting go of items we really didn’t need or would never use. Karen provided low cost design ideas for storing kept items. Karen was very respectful during the clearance allowing time for reminiscing and decision making and making sure the decision making fitted with my work schedule. All work was completed on time - the clearance took 3 days - and was actually fun and stress free. We now have a loft where we can access and store what we need. The rest of the house of now freed from items that are now in the loft. We also retrieved priceless photos and letters. I’m delighted and thoroughly recommend Mardi Girl.


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