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I help people to say goodbye to things they don’t need by making some simple, practical changes for a more organised and clutter free way of living. I know that by making your home more streamlined and more efficient you will feel free. I use easy to follow techniques, everything will have a purpose and be easier to find, creating areas you actually enjoy interacting with every day. I can help in any room in your home including storage areas, you make all the final decisions, everything will have a place and everything will become a useful part of your daily routine. Contact me for an informal and non-judgmental chat.


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I’ve always loved to tidy up, even growing up I would organise my friends rooms! For over 20 years I have been organising other people as a personal assistant and I have successfully refurbished many domestic and commercial properties ready to sell or let. Now I help people to declutter, organise,simplify their homes and wardrobes. I can make positive changes at your home too. See what people are saying about Mardi Girl.

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